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Extend the CodinGame SDK

Although the CodinGame SDK already includes the GraphicEntityModule, you can add modules to your game. Modules are extensions allowing you to directly interact with the viewer using PixiJS, which gives you a lot more control on its behaviour.

This section presents a few existing modules. You can find their source code on Github:

If you want to create your own module, see How to get started.


Modules usually come up with a .java and a .js file. Place these files in src/main/java and src/main/resources/view respectively.

You will also need to import your module to the src/main/resources/view/config.js file, in the modules array.

Example of a project using the Graphic Entity Module and the End Screen Module:

import { GraphicEntityModule } from './entity-module/GraphicEntityModule.js';
import { EndScreenModule } from './modules/endscreen/EndScreenModule.js';

export const modules = [

To understand how to edit modules, see the examples:

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