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Displaying text

The Graphic Entity Module includes two different classes to display text, here's how they work.


The basic class to display text, it will be displayed as a label in the viewer.

graphicEntityModule.createText("Hello World")
    .setStrokeThickness(5) // Adding an outline
    .setStrokeColor(0xffffff) // a white outline
    .setFillColor(0x000000); // Setting the text color to black


The only font family values that will work are: "Lato" and those that are available by default on all browsers. If the browser does not recognise the font family, it will be displayed in a fallback font chosen by the browser.


This class is used to display text using a bitmap font in your assets folder.

    .setText("Hello World")
    // Assuming that you have a working 'myCustomFont.fnt' and 'myCustomFont.png' in your assets folder
    .setTint(0xff0000); // Tinting it in red


Extra tips :

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