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The module is bundled with the version 3.2.0 of the sdk or higher.

Can be used to display the ranking of a multiplayer game with any additional info you choose. The ranking will appear at the very end of the replay.


Add the dependency in the pom.xml of your project.


And load the module in your config.js.

import { GraphicEntityModule } from './entity-module/GraphicEntityModule.js';
import { EndScreenModule } from './endscreen-module/EndScreenModule.js';

export const modules = [


To guarantee the correct ranking, you must set this module's score property in your Referee's onEnd() method.

  public void onEnd() {
    endScreenModule.setScores(gameManager.getPlayers().stream().mapToInt(p -> p.getScore()).toArray());

The module loads by default your logo.png as title, you can set your own image with setTitleRankingsSprite().


You can also display a custom text instead of the score.

  public void onEnd() {
    int[] scores = { player1.getScore(), player2.getScore() };
    String[] text = { scores[0] + " mana", scores[1] + " mana" };

    endScreenModule.setScores(scores, text);
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