The Knowledge-Sharing Platform for Developers is a collaborative platform to discover and share unique perspectives on any technology through open-source playgrounds. Empower others to learn by crafting hands-on tutorials on topics that matter to you.

Open source your knowledge

We believe in a world where knowledge is open. Our mission is to make fast-changing technology accessible to anyone through content created by a community of peers. We offer developers tools to share and open source their knowledge to let others reuse it and transmit it in turn.

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The playground - A new knowledge-sharing format

Create bite-sized interactive tutorials called “playgrounds” to help others learn by doing.

A community of peers

Anyone in the community can create or make pull requests to edit content. People well versed in a technology can share insights with people willing to learn.
Hands-on learning

Playgrounds can include interactive elements such as quizzes, coding exercises and runnable code snippets which help learners better understand concepts and use them for their own projects.
On any technology

Our Docker-based architecture allows contributors to create playgrounds on virtually any technology, language, framework or API, even custom or emerging ones. Learn about anything you like.
Free and open source

All playgrounds on the platform are open-source and accessible by anyone for free. Github integration allows collaborative editing to continually improve and enrich available content.

Check out this playground sample

Read, write code, run, enjoy!