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This module is not a maven module, you can find its source code on Github:

This module is useful for games with a lot of AnimatedSprites overlayed over the rest of the game.

Instead of having the Referee output the entire sequence of images for each new animation, you may have it reference a pre-existing animation as defined in AnimData.js and configured in AnimModule.js.


  // Perform animation labelled "death" starting at t and lasting till end of frame
  double t = 0.2;
  Anim anim = animModule.createAnimationEvent('death', t);
  anim.getParams().put("duration", 1 - t);


  anim.started = {frame: number, t: anim.t};
  anim.duration = 
    anim.params.duration // If duration is given, use it
    DURATIONS[] // Else use predefined duration for this anim id
    1; // Else animate it for the length of 1 frame

⚠ This example might require you modify it for proper use in your own game.

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