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When creating your game, we suggest you follow these guidelines in order to improve both its performance and players experience.

Technical Guidelines

  • The game should be noob friendly. Can make a workable AI with a bunch of ifs.
  • If it is a game with limited output options per turn, send those options in the protocol (e.g. the first player of chess has 20 possible actions).
  • Viewer should be enough to understand most of the rules.
  • Gameplay based around rounds/turns. Only perform checks (collision, presence, etc.) at the end of a turn.
  • End player’s program when it outputs an unrecognised command. Continue player’s program when it outputs a recognised but invalid command and add error message to summary.
  • Stop game early if players aren’t doing anything or are otherwise stalemated.
  • Stop game early if the ranking is decided whatever the players may do.
  • Always minify png and jpg assets.
  • The Referee must not crash, make sure all possible exceptions are caught, especially during the parsing of a Player’s actions, where most errors occur.
  • Minimum font size: 36px.

Soft Limits

The following limits will make your game run faster, but they are not strict limitations.

  • Statement length: less than 6k characters
  • Total entity creations: less than 200.
  • Max total time alloted to the players: 25s.


The following lines will help most players to get into your game. Try to simplify things when possible.

  • Two loops max for input.
  • Variables to read per loop: less than 10.
  • Stub generator must not exceed: 45 lines of Java.
  • If the player is given an ID, it is always 0.


  • Privilege the use of Sprites over Shapes (Rectangle, Circle, etc.)
  • Use less than 2Mb total for assets.

Games with leagues

  • Stubs should, if possible, be the same for every league.
  • If a game needs at least 1 data structure to make an AI that doesn’t crash, it needs an easier league.


When contributing on CodinGame, you must accept and apply these rules:

  • Your game must not contain any kind of inappropriate content.
  • Write a stub generator. The documentation can be found in the CodinGame SDK repository. Any non-explicit variable must be explained with a comment.
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