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The statement should be written in English and be as clear and concise as possible.

A typical statement contains:

  1. A quick description of the goal: 1 or 2 sentences maximum.
  2. A list of rules to explain how the puzzle/game works.
  3. The Winning/Losing conditions (for games created with the SDK only).
  4. The protocol
    • input parameters and their types
    • expected output
    • reasonable constraints

A theme/story is non-mandatory.

Guidelines to write good statements

The statement must be clear and non-ambiguous.

  • Keep it clear and concise

A long statement can scare players away.

  • Avoid flavour text

For instance, don’t say “The unit hits the other unit on the nose, causing 1 point of excruciating damage”, do say “The unit deals 1 damage”.

  • Don't address the reader directly

For instance don’t say “This next part looks complicated but you’ll get it, don’t worry!”.

  • Avoid controversial topics like politics.

  • Don't overlook the protocol

It must be clear, precise, with reasonable constraints...

Puzzle Statement

(In/Out puzzle and CoC only)


<<Bold>> [[Variable]] {{Constant}} renders as:

statement syntax

`Monospace` renders as: Monospace


You must output the closest pair of points (euclidean distance).


<<Line 1:>> An integer [[N]] for the number of points to compare.

<<Next [[N]] lines:>> Two space separated integers [[x]] and [[y]] for the coordinates of a point.


<<Line 1 :>> The coordinates of the point from the closest pair of points in the same order as given in input.

<<Line 2 :>> The coordinates of the other point from the closest pair of points.


2 ≤ [[N]] ≤ 100

-1000 < [[x]],[[y]] < 1000

The statement is limited to 5k characters.

Game Statement

(For all sdk games)

For all games created with the sdk, the statement is an html document. You can find a default one here


There is one statement file per league. They're all generated from one general statement file (located here: /config/statement_en.html.tpl) when building the project.

Conditional logic

To show a piece of statement only in league x, write

<!-- BEGIN levelx -->
	Piece of statement.
<!-- END -->

To highlight a new rule, use the same as above with the following div style:

<!-- BEGIN levelx -->
<div style="color: #7cc576;
        background-color: rgba(124, 197, 118,.1);
        padding: 2px;">
    Piece of statement.
<!-- END -->
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