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[Edit 2021/05/28] Updates on the CodinGame's blog are currently paused. To contribute an article on CodinGame, please use

The CodinGame's blog is a community blog in the sense that articles are written by both CodinGame and CodinGamers.

The main objectives of the CodinGame blog are the following:

  • help the reader with useful advice
  • entertain the reader with interesting articles
  • motivate the reader with inspiring stories

Anyone can write an article and have it published (with [CG]Thibaud's help).

Main Topics

  • Programming is Fun: This is CodinGame's motto. Gamification is at the heart of the platform and is part of its DNA. Topic examples: gamification, coding competitions, coding games...
  • The Programming Community: All developers belong to the programming community. It has a lot to offer and give. Learn new things from others, have fun programming and welcome new people into the fantastic world of programming. The more, the stronger and the merrier. Topic Examples: Open Source, CodingHubs, community creations...
  • Career Boost: Developers should never stop learning. Helping them keep their coding skills sharp and getting noticed by companies are two of the main objectives of the platform. Topic Examples: hiring process, work opportunities, CodinGamer stories...
  • Game Algorithms & Strategies: Coding contests and challenges are part of the platform's life. A lot of well-known programmers here like to share their knowledge and game strategies. Topic Examples: contest strategies, focus on a puzzle serie...
  • A Developer's Life: The day-to-day life of a developer is amazing and full of mysteries. This category is an opportunity to share experiences, best practices and tips. Topic Examples: surveys, developer tips, CodinGamer stories...
  • About CodinGame: A lot of things happen on the CodinGame platform: any news related to the puzzles, games, team... Topic Examples: feature updates, new puzzles, contest announcements...

Contribution Process

Any contributor is the most welcomed! 

  1. Introduction: Contact Thibaud ( or on Discord). He'll help you to publish the article from A to Z.
  2. Writing: Start writing a draft with the tool of your choice (Google Docs works nicely). A draft is a draft: don't worry if the article doesn't seem good yet.
  3. Review: Thibaud will comment on the draft and suggest some changes to help the reading. You'll work in collaboration until the article reaches a state that satisfies both of you.
  4. Finalization: Thibaud takes care of the formatting in WordPress. The article is also sent to a professional proofreader, whoever the author.
  5. Publishing: The default rate of publication on the blog is every 2 weeks. An email is sent to all CodinGamers the day the article is published. Playground is a free knowledge-sharing platform created by CodinGame in 2017 in parallel to its activities.

Anyone can contribute and share their knowledge about something to the community. A playground can be an article, a tutorial, a guide...anything that can help other developers!

The technology allows to embed runnable code snippets inside a playground.

There is no moderation on

The help to create a article can be found in the documentation.

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