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New to CodinGame? Welcome!

Everything seems a bit complex and overwhelming? Worry no more, and read on!

Our mission

Our goal is to empower developers, no matter their educational or professional background, to learn from their peers, level up their skills and showcase their talent.

Disclaimer: Except for the content created by the community in the Learn section, CodinGame doesn't provide any tutorial to learn the basics of programming from scratch. If you're new to programming, we highly recommend taking a tutorial online to learn these basics before heading to the Practice section and trying to solve coding puzzles.

On CodinGame, you'll be able to:

  • practice your programming skills and learn new ones
  • find a job and practice programming interviews
  • code for fun and chill
  • hang out with other passionate coders
  • strengthen your confidence and motivation to code

Getting Started

There are a lot of different activities to discover on CodinGame. Here's a complete overview of them, written by one of our members, Thomas!

We recommend following the quest map learning paths. You'll find the map on your home page.

Programming Languages

CodinGame supports more than 25 programming languages. Find the complete list here.

In programming, there isn't one better language to start with and use for everything. A programming language is a tool. Use them accordingly for the problems you need to solve. That being said, in today's world, you can safely start learning the basics of JavaScript, Python or Java/C# without risking losing your time.

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