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The CodinGame platform has many facets but its community definitely represents its beating heart.

There are several places for CodinGamers to discuss:

  • Integrated chat
  • Discord Server
  • Forum

There are also discussions in the contributions part of CodinGame.

Integrated chat

There is a chat client integrated on the CodinGame platform. However, you can still connect to the CodinGame chat using an external XMPP client such as Pidgin or Gajim

You should connect to the XMPP server using the following credentials:

Login <your_user_id>

You can find your user id by opening the dev tools on your browser and checking the console (while being on CodinGame). Search for a log saying "Log on pushmessage server as <your_user_id>"

Password Your CodinGame password

MUC Server

By specifying “?disableChat=true” to the end of the URL when you’re in the IDE, you’ll disable the chat. It’s useful to gain a bit more space to code, especially when you’re streaming and showing your code on screen.

Automaton2000 and AutomatonNN

Automaton2000 and AutomatonNN are chat bots present on #world and #fr chats. Learn more about them in this blog article

Discord server

Join the community regulars on our Discord server.


Each puzzle has a dedicated questions thread in the forum. You can report bugs and provide feedback there too.

Your access to the forum is automatic once you have a CodinGame account.

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