Basic simulation and evaluation


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When making classes for basic objects you need to not forget to add some extra variables for the values that don't come with inputs like lap number for a pod.

Checkpoint class

class Checkpoint 
    public int id;
    public Point position;
    public Checkpoint prev, next;
    public Checkpoint(int id) { = id;
        position = new Point(Console.ReadLine());

Pod class

class Pod 
    Point position;
    Vector velocity, direction;
    float angle;
    int lap;
    Checkpoint target;
    public Checkpoint() { }
    public void Update() {
        position = new Point(Console.ReadLine());
        velocity = new Vector(Console.ReadLine());
        angle = float.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
        int ncpId = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
        if (ncpId != {
            target =;
            if ( == 1)
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