Unity3D and Fungus Tutorial: PickUps


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Tutorial - Unity3D and Fungus

These lessons are aimed at using Unity3D with Fungus in a 3D environment.

An italian translation of this tutorial can be found here: Tutorial - Unity3D e Fungus

For questions, bug reports and similia you can find me here: marcosecchi.it


For these lessons you will need Unity3D installed on your computer.

During the lessons I'll use Fungus, an open-source plugin for Unity3D. My advice is to follow the video tutorials: they are not mandatory, but you will find them very helpful for a basic knowledge of the tool.

The Unity version used for the tutorial is 2017.1.1f1, while the Fungus version is 3.7 (the axeples are not compatible with previous versione of Fungus).

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