Unity3D and Fungus Tutorial: PickUps


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Creating a new project

First of all, you'll need to create a new Unity Project (in my case, I named it Fungus3D).

Creating the Project

Importing Assets

Importing the Standard Assets

From the menu Assets > Import Package, import the following packages:

  • Cameras
  • Characters
  • Prototyping

Note that some additional packages will be added, for instance Utility.

Importing Standard Assets

Importing Fungus

Open the Asset Store (Window > Asset Store), search for Fungus and download it.

Fungus in the Asset Store

You can also download the plugin from the browser (Unity3D will be opened and the download process will start).

Import just Fungus (not Fungus Examples).

Importing Fungus

You are now ready to create a scene prototype.

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