Unity3D and Fungus Tutorial: PickUps


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Adding a Flowchart

Let's add a Fungus Flowchart which we will use in the next chapters, along with a text element (for displaying messages).

Flowchart Creation

From menu Tools > Fungus > Create select Flowchart, which will add a Flowchart in the scene. Select it in the Hierarchy panel and click the Open Flowchart Window button: the corresponding panel will pop up.

Rename the Flowchart as MainFlowchart in the Inspector panel.

Adding the Flowchart

Renaming the 'Start' Block

Inside the Flowchart, select NewBlock and, in the Inspector, rename it Start.

Renaming the Block

Creating a Text Element

From the menu GameObject > UI select Text, and a text element will be generated in the scene. select it and give it a look you like (mine is shown below).

Adding the Text

Show a Welcome Message

Let's add a welcome message to the text. Select the Start block in the Flowchart and click the + button, selecting the UI > Set Text command.

Adding the SetText Command

Select the just created command and drag the Text gameobject from the Hierarchy panel into the Target Text Object field. Lastly, add a welcome message in the Text field.

Adding the GameObject Text

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