Unity3D and Fungus Tutorial: PickUps


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Creating the Scene

We are now going to create a simple scene prototype for the tutorial.

Creating the Environment

First of all let's add some elements in the scene: from the Standard Assets > Prototyping > Prefabs folder drag FloorPrototype64x01x64 in the Hierarchy.

Add a Floor

Add a Floor

Let's add, from the same prefab folder, some elements. You are free to add whatever you like, my scene looks like the one in the image.

The Scene

Let's now add an empty gameobject (GameObject > Create Empty), and rename it (in the Inspector) Environment. We will move inside all the environment elements.

The Scene

Add a Character (Third Person Controller)

From the Standard Assets > Characters > ThirdPersonCharacter > Prefabs folder, add a ThirdPersonController prefab.

The Third Person Character

Select ThirdPersonController from the Hierarchy panel, and in the Inspector open the Tag menu and choose Player.

Add a Tag

Change the Camera

Select the Main Camera in the scene and disable (or delete) it. The Game panel should now show a No cameras rendering message).

The Main Camera disabled

From the Standard Assets > Cameras > Prefabs folder, drag the in the Hierarchy panel the MultipurposeCameraRig prefab.

Adding the Camera

The MultipurposeCameraRig prefab includes some additional features that will let the camera follow a target.

As a last step, select MultipurposeCameraRig in the Hierarchy panel and drag the ThirdPersonController from the Hierarchy panel (not from the Project!) in the Target field of the Auto Cam component.

Adding the Camera

Test the Scene

You can now test the scene by clicking the Play button in the toolbar.


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