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Hello and welcome to Beginner Python Concepts! Before we get started with actual Python code, it's important to understand what programming is all about.

Simple Machines

Now, computers are very complex, but the way they operate is about as simple as you can get. They deal in 0s and 1s, and they only do exactly what they're told to. There is no thinking / interpreting / assuming with computers. If you make a mistake, the computer will still follow your poorly written instructions.

Some Perspective

Think about any mundane task. This could be going upstairs, packing a bag for a vacation, or even driving to the post office. When you describe how to do these tasks to other people, you can skip over what we consider "common sense." If your bathroom is upstairs and your guest asks to use it, you just tell them it's upstairs. Maybe you tell them to jiggle the toilet handle if it sticks or it's the second door on the right. However, you don't have to tell them things like "watch out for my dog" or "if the door is closed, there might be someone in it already."

Now, with computers, you have to tell them EXACTLY what to do and how to do it. If you don't tell them to watch out for your dog, they would encounter the dog and crash. If the bathroom was occupied, they would crash. If you had too much stuff in the travel bag, they would keep filling it and crash. If you didn't tell them where the post office is, they would wander and probably crash.

These are exaggerations, as what computers need to do is much simpler as far as tasks go. At the basic level, computers are just locating, calculating, or saving data. That's it. We've come so far as to be able to represent just about anything as data.

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If you get stuck, I recommend the video I made streaming the creation of this playground:

Here is my playlist for learning beginner Python programming:

Solidify Your Understanding by Creating Your Own Playground!

For anyone interested in making their own CodinGame Playground, I streamed the making of this via Twitch and saved the videos via YouTube. You can follow along with the video above and the one below. If you have any questions, ask the CodinGame community through their Discord chat! You can also shoot me questions on my Twitch streams, comment on my YouTube videos, or my Twitter (Twitter and Codepen links are in my bio).

The best way to learn new concepts is to be able to teach said concepts to others. Even if you're just talking to your Rubber Duck, being able to teach the material bodes well for your understanding.

For the second part video of this playground, visit YouTube here:

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