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TECHIO> open


TECHIO> open [--port <PORT>] [PATH]
TECHIO> open [--static-dir <DIR>] [PATH]


Opens an HTTP communication with the runner through a client

A maximum lifetime of 2 minutes is set to your runner after the last received request. Thus, your runner can live longer than the standard 30 seconds maximum allowed.


-p, --port <PORT> PORT that will receive the request from the client. If it is not specified, the system will try to use the first exposed port in your Dockerfile (through the EXPOSE directive). If no port is exposed, the default value is 80.

-s, --static-dir <DIR> The system can consider the given DIR as a directory of static files to serve as resources to your


Serves the content of the /data/public_html directory to the client

TECHIO> open --static-dir /project/target/data/public_html

Serves and forwards the client requests to a tomcat server (running within the Runner container on the port 8080). Loads as initial path: /pages/lesson2.jsp.

TECHIO> open --port 8080 /project/target/pages/lesson2.jsp

Here is a dedicated playground to show how to use server and viewer: Dynamic viewer with server.

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