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Using C# LINQ - A Practical Overview

Welcome to Using C# LINQ. This course is designed as an introduction to using LINQ in the C# language.

Who Will the Course Benefit?

  • C# developers who want to learn more about LINQ
  • Developers who may not know much C# but want to get a preview of some of the more powerful language features

Course Content

The lesson plan starts out with some brief and simple background information, followed by an explanation of what LINQ is and where you would use it. It then introduces students to 27 different LINQ methods. Similar methods are grouped together to aid comprehension and retention. The course ends with some exercises geared towards using LINQ methods in conjunction.

Supplementary Courses

There are two supplementary LINQ courses designed to be taken along with this course:

Neither supplementary course is required for the Using C# LINQ course. You may want to take the Background course before (or after) this one, but it is only recommended for advanced programmers. Beginners may be confused by some of the content.

The Advanced course provides some hints and precautions for how to get the most out of LINQ while avoiding some of its pitfalls. It should be taken after the Using course, but beginning programmers might want to skip this course as well. The Advanced course is not required to be able to use LINQ in most situations.

Previous Knowledge

The lessons provided here are geared towards beginner to intermediate programmers. Students should have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of C#. Required skills include crafting of classes, fields, and methods. A good understanding of C# data types is also strongly recommended.

Difficulty Level

Beginner / Intermediate

Estimated Time

About 2 hours

GitHub Repository

This course is stored in a GitHub repository. You can not only see how the course was created, but there are solutions to all the exercises in there as well. Also, if you have any recommendations for improvement, feel free to fork the repository and create a pull request!


Current Course Version


Course Revision History

2017-07-28 - Add link to GitHub
2017-07-27 - Add links to the Background Topics course
2017-07-10 - Published

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