BrainFuck part 12 - BF self-executables


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Welcome to this new playground about the BF language. Make sure you already read

playgrounds if you didn't already !

The goal of this playground is to explain how to create BF executables. A very short playground, actually, as it relies on a single extra line.

Note 1: This is not a "compile BF" playground

Note 2: This is a Unix-based OS only playground.

  • MacOS X : ok
  • Linux : generally ok
  • Windows : find a POSIX implementation (Cygwin) or use the brand new Windows 10 embedded Linux distribution

Required :

  • A BF interpreter - well I'm sure you didn't spent all this time on the previous playgrounds without any BF interpreter, did you? Or you're probably insaner than I am...
  • A shell (bash for example)
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