Linux Filesystems 101 - Block Devices


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Linux Filesystems 101 - Block Devices

Welcome to the first course in the Linux Filesystems series. The 101 course introduces basic block device management concepts.

Who Will the Course Benefit?

  • Linux users looking to improve their understanding of how the filesystem is handled in the OS
  • Users considering installing Linux for the first time

Course Content

The lesson plan starts with information on how to discover what block devices are installed on a machine. It then discusses partitioning and formatting a block device, and finally touches on how to mount filesystems.

Companion Courses

This is the first in a series of courses. Other courses in the series will be linked here as they become available.

Previous Knowledge

Students should have some basic understanding of navigating a Unix-like directory structure. If the student knows how to use cd and ls, that's probably sufficient.

Difficulty Level


Estimated time

About 45 minutes

GitHub Repository

This course is stored in a GitHub repository. The link is at the top of this page. You can see how the course was created, and if you have any recommendations for improvement, feel free to fork the repository and create a pull request!

Current Course Version


Course Revision History

2017-09-08 - Add a link to BinaryTides on What's Next page
2017-08-23 - Migrated to GitHub
2017-08-16 - Published

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