Linux Filesystems 101 - Block Devices


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Using the VMs

This course makes use of virtual machines to allow you to experiment with the commands and concepts introduced. Each lesson provides a separate VM instance. Each VM is setup with the precise starting conditions needed to complete the exercises for that lesson.

Starting the VM

The VM on each page can be started by clicking the RUN button. After clicking RUN, it will take a while for the VM to start up. While you are waiting, you may want to skim the instructions on the page to determine what tasks you will be asked to perform.

Once the VM boots up you will need to login. The username is techio and there is no password.

TIP: You can resize the VM terminal by dragging the bottom-right-hand corner.

VM state

The VMs do not save state from one lesson to the next. So if you perform certain actions on a VM that are outside the scope of the lesson instructions, those actions will not be reflected on the VM in the next lesson.

In addition, each VM will only run for up to 10 minutes. If you leave it running for longer than the 10 minute limit, then it will be stopped automatically. You can run it again, but it will start up in the initial configuration for that lesson, and any changes made before it was stopped will be lost.

The assistant

Each VM contains an "assistant" that will monitor your progress and comment on your actions, as long as you are following the lesson curriculum. If you start to enter commands that deviate from the lesson plan, then the assistant will stop responding or may even offer confusing or irrelevant comments.

It is recommended that you read the lesson text on the page and follow the instructions from the lesson in the VM. As you do so, the VM assistant will comment on your actions and inform you of the next command that it is expecting. This is just to help you to stay on track, and is not intended to be a replacement for the main lesson material.

Assistant commands

go_away - The assistant will stop monitoring your progress and will not make any more comments

do_it - The assistant will execute the next command in the lesson for you (for lazy people like me who don't want to type or even copy and paste)

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