The LeetCode Beginner's Guide


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The LeetCode Beginner's Guide

Before Learning Data Structures and Algorithms


Welcome to The LeetCode Beginner's Guide! This guide is intended for new users of all experience levels and will help you become familiar with the LeetCode platform.

On LeetCode, you can use tutorials and study plans to learn fundamental and advanced data structures and algorithms, compete in contests, use guides to prepare for top companies, exercise your problem solving skills by solving real interview questions, and much more.

It's natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. Not to worry, through this Explore Card, you will:

  1. become acquainted with the problem-solving process on LeetCode.
  2. become familiar with some of the tools and resources available to you.
  3. form an idea of where to begin and where to focus your time and energy based on your goals and current experience level.

Let's get started!

Course Content Breakdown

Solving Your First Problem

Solving Your First Problem
  1. Introduction
  2. Notes before starting

Challenge Problems

Challenge Problems
  1. 1480. Running Sum of 1D Array
  2. 1672. Richest Customer Wealth
  3. 412. Fizz Buzz
  4. 1342. Number of Steps to Reduce a Number to Zero
  5. 876. Middle of The Linked List
  6. 383. Ransom Note

Where to Start

Where to Start
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