The LeetCode Beginner's Guide


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Unfortunately, we currently do not offer any language-specific zero-to-hero style courses. You will want to complement your learning process with online courses, books, or whatever medium is most comfortable for you to learn from. That said, while the learning curve could be steep, easy LeetCode problems will be a great way to push yourself and build your skills with your language.

We recommend you start by trying to solve each problem in the previous chapter, and then move on to try random easy problems. Try to solve each problem with the knowledge that you have so far. Any time that you are stuck, check out the LeetCode official solution for the problem or the discussion posts where you can read code written by other users. Over time, you will build up your own skills through exposure to other users' code. During this time, do not worry about having the most efficient solution or how long it takes to solve a problem. Your primary goal is to become comfortable with your language of choice, and afterwards you can practice writing efficient algorithms.

Once you feel more confident in your coding abilities and are ready to start focusing on data structures, algorithms, problem-solving skills, and efficiency, then you can start at the first level of the Explore Card Track. The first level consists of Arrays 101 and Linked Lists.

As mentioned in the previous article, if you're looking for an all-in-one and efficient method of learning everything you need for coding interviews, LeetCode's official interview crash course on data structures & algorithms is a great option over the explore cards and 100% beginner friendly.

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