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Numeric types in C#

C# offers multiple numeric types, for integer data types and non-integer data types.

Integer Data Types

TypeDescriptionMinimum ValueMaximum Value
byteUnsigned byte0255
sbyteSigned byte-128127
shortSigned byte-32 76832 767
ushortUnsigned byte065 535
intSigned byte-2 147 483 6482 147 483 647
uintUnsigned byte04 294 967 295
longSigned byte-9x1089x108
ulongUnsigned byte01,8x1019

Non-integer Data Types

All non-integer data types are signed.

floatSingle Precision Number±1.5x10-45 to ±3.4x10387 digits
doubleDouble Precision Number±5x10-324 to ±1.7x1030815 or 16 digits
decimalDecimal Number±10-28 to ±7.9x102828 or 29 digits
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