Promote Open-Source Knowledge

The best learning material on technology should be available to all for free, under open licences and in any language.

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Open knowledge has become a fundamental human right

Experts estimate that technology knowledge becomes obsolete in less than 5 years. In this fast-changing technological environment, having free access to technology knowledge becomes a fundamental human right, just as necessary and important as reading or writing.

However, disparities persist in access to technology education. While MOOCs used to be free, now 100% of their certifications need to be paid for. And most of them are still only available in English.

The only viable alternative is to open the barriers to knowledge, in terms of costs and intellectual property. We need to increase our support to openness by universally adopting, using and creating open licensed and open source content to increase its quality and universal reach.

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Tools to help you advocate open-source knowledge

  • Promote on Twitter by using the hashtag #opensourceknowledge
  • Organize meetups to invite developers to share their knowledge
  • Create learning material and share it with your community. What you know can inspire others! Create content.
  • Contribute to existing learning material by improving it through pull request or by translating it in other languages
  • Convince your CS teachers or friends to open-source their knowledge too and use open education materials

Organisations that are already supporting open-source knowledge