Our mission is to provide free technology learning content crafted collaboratively

Our story

We’re a small company mainly composed of programmers. Since 2014, we’ve been helping people hone their coding skills through games on CodinGame. For us, programming is far more than a job. It’s a craft, a powerful creation tool.

Coding is all about getting this adrenaline shot while trying to solve problems, with this true feeling of accomplishment you get when you achieve to have that bit of code finally working. This is what drives us and what makes us love what we do everyday. It may be yours, too.

Why Tech.io

On CodinGame, programmers told us they wanted to improve their skills and discover new things on a daily basis, in all kind of technologies. We took up the challenge and started to imagine an ambitious solution to allow anyone to explore and try new concepts on anything.

For us, peer learning is probably one of the most effective ways to learn as a tech professional. There is always someone smart, somewhere, to inspire you or show you some interesting tip about a technology you don’t master yet.

Collaborative spirit

This is why Tech.io is a project based on solidarity. It allows you to create interactive content on any technology and share it with the community to empower others to learn. It’s collaborative and open to everyone because it resonates with our values.

Our ambition for Tech.io is to be to technology education what Wikipedia is for general knowledge: a free knowledge-sharing platform created and edited by a community of volunteers around the world.