Our mission is to make technology education accessible to anyone through open-source content created by a community of peers.

Our story

We're a small company mainly composed of passionate programmers. Since 2014, we've been helping people hone their coding skills through games on CodinGame. Programming is what drives us everyday. We believe it's a powerful creation tool that will shape our digital future, as well as the jobs of tomorrow.

Coding is all about getting this adrenaline shot while trying to solve problems, with this true feeling of accomplishment you get when you achieve to have that bit of code finally working. This is what drives us and what makes us love what we do everyday. It may be yours, too.

Why Tech.io

Tech.io was build on the idea that open-source knowledge-sharing and peer-learning communities will change the way we learn.

Free and open access to knowledge should be a fundamental human right. In a fast-changing technological environment, it increases people's employability and helps them understand the world we live in.

Expertise lies in communities. There is always someone smart, somewhere, to inspire you or show you some interesting concept about a technology you don't master yet.

Collaborative and open-source spirit

Tech.io is a project based on solidarity. It allows anyone to create interactive content on any technology and share it with the community to empower others to learn. All content available on the platform is published under open-source license to be easily reused, translated and adapted.

Our ambition for Tech.io is to be to technology education what Wikipedia is for general knowledge: a free knowledge-sharing platform created and edited by a community of volunteers around the world.