In a world driven by innovation, technology is changing at an unprecedented pace. Too often, staying up to date with what counts in the industry has to be paid for in currency.We believe that having free access to technology knowledge is a fundamental human right, just as necessary and important as reading or writing. It should not be a matter of academic background, money, gender, or location.Learning is a lifelong process. We want to help people prepare for what's coming next without having to pay for it. But we're not a traditional learning platform. We rely on communities, because peer-learning communities have changed the way we learn.

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We believe peers are the most relevant people to offer a new perspective on technologies. As tech professionals, we consider that we have a duty to share what we know publicly. We provide developers with tools to share and open source their knowledge to let others reuse, adapt, and transmit it in turn.This is our hope that becomes to technology education what Wikipedia is to general knowledge: a free and open knowledge-sharing platform created and edited by a community of volunteers around the world.Our goal is to create the largest learning platform for technology to allow anyone to learn about any programming language, framework, or API, thanks to the contribution of smart people around the world. We'd like people to be able to explore and experiment new concepts and get empowered to build the career they love.

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By becoming part of an open community, you foster the power of collective intelligence and peer-learning to give everyone an equal chance to learn.You don't have to be an expert or a teacher to create interesting learning content for others. No specific level of expertise is required here. We value diversity. Just start by sharing what you love!Anyone can contribute and anyone can learn. Contributing means to rally a solidarity movement where sharing open-source content means inspiring and empowering others. Not only individuals, but also schools and non-profit organizations, shall benefit from your contribution.Feel free to join us.