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Next: Basics

This playground is an overview of Kotlin language features. I'll introduce syntax for starters and explain the basics, and what makes Kotlin a language that deserve your attention.


This guide assume that you have some basic knowledge on programming principles.


I'll describe the following features as clearly as possible:

  • Basics
    • Variables
    • String templates
    • Control expressions
    • Loops
  • Classes
    • Properties
    • Inheritance
    • Data Classes
    • Sealed Classes
    • Visibility
  • Functions Basics
  • Nullability
  • Java interoperability
  • Type Checks and Smart Casts
  • Collections
  • Ranges
  • Operator overloading
  • Functions Extended
    • High-Order functions
    • Lambdas
    • Inline functions

For all this parts you'll find some explanation, flat code and nice interactive examples, that will show how Kotlin is a friendly companion to play with.

This documentation is born from the desire to share some knowledge about Kotlin and the benefit to use a nice platform as tech.io.

If you really want to get further with Kotlin I suggest you to read the book Kotlin In Action.

NB: This Playground is wildly inspired by the [Kotlin documentation](https://kotlinlang .org/docs/reference/basic-syntax.html)

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