Learning algorithmics with Ada


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Ada complementary exercises

These exercices are intended for the braves learning algorithmics in Ada. Don't listen to the haters, Ada is pedagogic as hell, Onizuka-style ( you know, the brilliant mind creator of the pedagogic roundhouse kick).

They will cover the basics of algorithmics, instanciated in Ada :

  • Data types
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Procedure and Functions

How does this work ?

Below is a demonstration coding exercise. The assignment is the following : The program should display the sentence "Hello World!", and terminate.

Hello world demonstrator

To run the example, press the big "Run" button (no shit Scherlock). The ada compiler displays its output in the standard error, and your program in the standard output.

To INSA students: you will notice that the "Acteur" used to print text is Ada.Text_IO, and not GAda.Text_IO.

About the author

I am Nicolas Seydoux, I teach Ada at INSA and developped this series of exercices to complement the course already available. If you want to reach me, here is my personal page : https://nseydoux.frama.io/

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