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User Inputs

The script will need to read user inputs, and verify them before any processing.

You should never trust the user and implement a few ways to correct him of his mistake, leading him to provide a correct guess.

A mistake does not count as a try.

The script will read strings only composed of 4 numbers, removing blanks or spaces.

The codemaker will analyse a limited amount of codebreaker's guesses (10), providing either a win or a loose.

BONUS: You can implement a cheating word, resulting in an instant win, revealing the mystery code.


Here are some hints, but you really should try to find by yourself.

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You can use iteration control structures such as:

You can use PHP built-in functions such as:

Solution: Ask user for input

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    echo "Please guess a 4 digit number: ";
    $input = fopen("php://stdin", "r");
    $guess = fgets($input);
    $guess = trim($guess);
    $guess = str_replace(" ", "", $guess);
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