Your Ultimate async / await Tutorial in C#


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The main benefits of asynchronous programming using async / await include the following:

  • Increase the performance and responsiveness of your application, particularly when you have long-running operations that do not require to block the execution. In this case, you can perform other work while waiting for the result from the long running task.

  • Organize your code in a neat and readable way significantly better than boilerplate code of the traditional thread creation and handling. with async / await , you write less code and your code will be more maintainable than using the previous asynchronous programming methods such as using plain tasks.

  • async / await is the newer replacement to BackgroundWorker, which has been used on windows forms desktop applications.

  • You make use of the latest upgrades of the language features, as async / await was introduced in C# 5, and there have been some improvements added to the feature like foreach async and generalized async type like ValueTask.

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