Getting Started With Rust


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Th-Th-Th-That's all folks!

Done already?! Well it is only a getting started course! Hopefully you have enjoyed your quick introduction to Rust.

Below are some resources to continue learning and playing with Rust:

Online resourcess

  • The Rust Programming Language -- This is the full introductory book about Rust that introduces its more intricate features. This is strongly recommended if you'd like to continue working with Rust.
  • The Rust Playground -- A convenient in-browser rust editor and compiler so you can play around and write stuff without having to worry about the command line tools yet.
  • Open Source Rust Projects -- A list of some open source Rust projects. If you're like me and learn by digging through others code and playing with it, go wild!

Other Rust Courses on (I'll try to update this occasionally once some more people write some Rust stuff)

  • coming soon (hopefully)
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