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Extension Methods - Extra parameters

An extension method can take extra parameters, in addition to an instance of the type that it is extending. Here is an example of how this works:

namespace IntExtensions
    public static class CoolExtensionsForInt
        public static string Growl(this int num, char a, char b)
            return $"{a}{new string(b, num)}";

What does this do? Let's call it a few times and find out:

using IntExtensions;


    // Prints "Grrrrrrr" to the console
    Console.WriteLine(7.Growl('G', 'r'));

    // Prints "Brrr" to the console
    Console.WriteLine(3.Growl('B', 'r'));

    // Prints "Shhhh" to the console
    Console.WriteLine(4.Growl('S', 'h'));


Try adding another extension method to the string type. This time, call it MakePlural(). The MakePlural() method should take an int parameter and return a string that is either the original string if the parameter is 1, or the string with an 's' appended to it if the parameter is not equal to 1.

Extension Method Parameters Exercise
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