Genetic Algorithms


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What to do next

Know that you have basic knowledge of Genetic Algorithms, the next step is to read more about GAs and try them out for yourself. Here are a few resources on GAs you might find useful:

And once you're done, take a look at (Mars Lander):

A CodinGame puzzle where you have to land a mars rover and a flat surface. You don't have to use GAs to solve it but you can

Mars Lander : simulation Mars Lander : console The goal is to land, without crashing it, the capsule "Mars Lander" which holds the rover Opportunity.

[float, int, float, int, float, int...] the angle (-90° to 90°) and the rocket thrust (0 to 4) on each turn.

Here is an example of solution for solving this puzzle using a genetic algorithm. Its fitting score is calculated with the final distance to the landing platform.

Mars Lander

You can also take a look at these problems:

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