How to plot the Mandelbrot set


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Julia Sets

Julia Sets also offer great fractals. The definition of the Julia sets is very similar to the mandelbrot set. As a reminder, the Mandelbrot set is the set of the complex numbers c for which the sequence zn+1=zn2+c is bounded (z0 is set to 0). While, the definition of the Julia sets is the numbers z0 for which the sequence is bounded, with c a constant value.

from math import log, log2
def julia(c, z0):
z = z0
n = 0
while abs(z) <= 2 and n < MAX_ITER:
z = z*z + c
n += 1
if n == MAX_ITER:
return MAX_ITER
return n + 1 - log(log2(abs(z)))

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