Java Guild Meeting 5/2018


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Hi, welcome to the Java Guild Meeting of May 2018.

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The theme of this meeting is exploring Java. Some of the features we're going to touch might be very familiar to you while others might be completely foreign concepts or subjects you're a little less experienced in. The goal is to enable you to use more of the Java language after this event.

Originally, we planned to use this platform,, to let you do these exercises online without any setup. was made to easily create interesting interactive lessons.

Unfortunately the embedded code editor has let us down a bit. While extensive and providing some IntelliSense, it's not an IDE. It doesn't resolve imports and still has some annoying bugs.

Because of that, the best course of action is to clone this project using your favourite IDE and open the java-project locally. You can click the GitHub button at the top right to get to the source code. It's a Maven project (yeah yeah, doesn't have a Gradle template yet, get off your high horse) so just import the pom and you should be good to go.

Just follow the course right here and work on the exercises locally. Each exercise has its filenames in the editor so you can easily find it locally. After making an exercise you can copy paste your code back to or run the test from that exercise locally, whichever you prefer.

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