Scheduling tasks with Eclipse Vert.x


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Scheduling tasks with Vert.x

When building an application with Eclipse Vert.x, it's very common to want to perform an action after a delay or periodically. Because of the non-blocking aspect of Vert.x, you can't make the thread sleep to introduce a delay. It would block the event loop and that's forbidden. Instead use Vert.x timers.

In this short tutorial you learn:

  • How to create delayed actions using a one-shot timer,
  • How to schedule the periodic execution of tasks,
  • How to cancel timers.

It's going to take less than 10 minutes to complete, so don't delay it and give it a shot now!

If you are looking for a more gentle introduction to vert.x, look at this other playground explaining how to create a HTTP endpoint with Vert.x.

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