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How to Get to the Next Level

The time it will take you to go to the next level is about 2-5 hours without a break.

Everything is quite simple. At this level, you don’t need to delve into algorithms and data structures. You need to get used to the platform itself, understand the structure of tasks, and carefully read the description of the task. Look at the examples provided (input) and what the expected output is. Submit the problem and understand that there are such things as edge cases, where your solution covers the given examples but fails the remaining test cases.

After you have covered all the cases, look at the solutions of others in the Solutions section, focusing on those who made a better solution than yours. Check the Runtime and Memory graphs. You don't need to understand these charts in detail yet; you can study them at the next level.

You need to solve the simplest problems on LeetCode, similar to the ones you solve at work. Where can you find them? It's very simple. Go to Problems -> Easy -> Sort by Acceptance.

Look at the first 20 tasks and solve the ones you like. Aim to solve about 10. It doesn’t matter if you solve them with the most basic brute force method in your favorite IDE with all the tips (but please don’t use ChatGPT :)). The main goal is to pass the tests and finally feel the taste of victory on LeetCode. The best way to get motivated is through small victories. Don't forget about it, and let's move on!

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