Linked List – Insertion at Nth position


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We discussed how to implement the Linked List in here. In this tutorial, we’re going to implement insertion a Node at given position.

Insert a Node at Nth Position


  1. If Head is null and position is not 0. Then exit it.
  2. If Head is null and position is 0. Then insert new Node to the Head and exit it.
  3. If Head is not null and position is 0. Then the Head reference set to the new Node. Finally, new Node set to the Head and exit it.
  4. If not, iterate until finding the Nth position or end.
public void insertNth(int data, int position) {
    //create new node.
    Node node = new Node(); = data;
    node.nextNode = null;

    if (this.head == null) {
      //if head is null and position is zero then exit.
      if (position != 0) {
      } else { //node set to the head.
       this.head = node;

    if (head != null && position == 0) {
      node.nextNode = this.head;
      this.head = node;

    Node current = this.head;
    Node previous = null;

    int i = 0;

    while (i < position) {
      previous = current;
      current = current.nextNode;

      if (current == null) {


      node.nextNode = current;
      previous.nextNode = node;

Complete Example

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