Destructuring objects and arrays in JS


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Destructuring is a convenient way of creating new variables by extracting some values from data stored in objects or arrays.

To name a few use cases, destructuring can be used to destructure function parameters or this.props in React projects for instance.

Explanation with sample code


Let's consider the following object for all the samples:

const person = {
  firstName: "Nick",
  lastName: "Anderson",
  age: 35,
  sex: "M"

Without destructuring

With destructuring, all in one line:

Note : In const { age } = person, the brackets after const keyword are not used to declare an object nor a block but is the destructuring syntax.

Function parameters

Destructuring is often used to destructure objects parameters in functions.

Without destructuring

In destructuring the object parameter person, we get a more concise function:

Destructuring is even more pleasant to use with arrow functions:


Lets consider the following array:

const myArray = ["a", "b", "c"];

Without destructuring

With destructuring

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