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import sys import time import random import pickle

class Instance(): cycle = 0 count = None level = None

#define how to build the files needed def build(): open("Cretamen_questions.py", "w+") print("Preparing to run...") setup()

#Ask if the user wants to build the file. #They might want to do this to customize it and wipe and corrupion. def init(): print ("Do you want to build the nessecary files? y/n Use this only for the first time.") buildyesno = raw_input() if buildyesno == "y": build() elif buildyesno == "n": print ("Preparing to run...") setup() else: print("Try again. Please enter y for yes or n for no.") init()

#makes list that will be asked def getList(level, count): from Cretamen_questions import imported organizedInput = [] returnData = [] for item in imported: if (item[0] == int(level)): organizedInput.append(item) random.shuffle(organizedInput, random.random) for i in range(int(count)): a = organizedInput[i] returnData.append(a) return returnData

def setup(): Instance.count = int(raw_input("How many questions would you like to ask? ")) Instance.level = int(raw_input("What level would you like to be quized on? "))


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