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!= Operators C# Reference

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Operators C# Reference !=

using System;
class InequalityTest
static void Main()
// Numeric inequality:
Console.WriteLine((2 + 2) != 4);
// Reference equality: two objects, same boxed value
object s = 1;
object t = 1;
Console.WriteLine(s != t);
// String equality: same string value, same string objects
string a = "howdy";
string b = "howdy";
// compare string values
Console.WriteLine(a != b);
// compare string references
Console.WriteLine((object)a != (object)b);

About C# != Operators

The inequality operator (!=) returns false if its operands are equal, true otherwise. Inequality operators are predefined for all types, including string and object. User-defined types can overload the != operator.

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