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Groovy Regex!

This template is created to help you learn different usage of regex in Groovy

//lets see how to use regex in groovy
//==~ is the pattern matcher
//results in java.util.regex.Matcher instance
def finder = ('groovy' =~ /gr.*/)
println finder instanceof java.util.regex.Matcher
def matcher = ('groovy' ==~ /gr.*/)
println matcher instanceof Boolean
println !('Groovy rocks!' ==~ /Groovy/) // ==~ looks for an exact match.
println 'Groovy rocks!' ==~ /Groovy.*/
// Groovy matcher syntax can be used in other methods.
println (['abc'] == ['def', 'abc', '123'].findAll { it =~ /abc/ })
println ([false, false, true] == ['def', 'abc', '123'].collect { it ==~ /\d{4}/ })
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