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#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
/////////// ALGORITHM TO IMPLEMENT ////////////////////
template <typename ForwardIterator, typename OutputIterator, typename Equal, typename Merge>
void merge_adjacent(ForwardIterator first, ForwardIterator last, OutputIterator out, Equal equal, Merge merge)
// Write your code here, and make the tests pass!
/////////// SALE CLASS /////////////////////////////////
class Sale
Sale(int day, double amount) : day_(day), amount_(amount) {}
int getDate() const { return day_; }
double getAmount() const { return amount_; }
int day_;
double amount_;
bool operator==(Sale const& sale1, Sale const& sale2)
return sale1.getDate() == sale2.getDate() && sale1.getAmount() == sale2.getAmount();
bool sameDate(Sale const& sale1, Sale const& sale2)
return sale1.getDate() == sale2.getDate();
Sale mergeSales(Sale const& sale1, Sale const& sale2)
if (sale1.getDate() != sale2.getDate()) throw "Error: cannot add sales with different dates";
return Sale(sale1.getDate(), sale1.getAmount() + sale2.getAmount());
/////////// TEST CODE: MAKE IT PASS! ///////////////////
std::vector<Sale> aggregateDailySales(std::vector<Sale> const& sales)
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