How search engine works-SEO Tips


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How search engine works-SEO Tips!

In this article i have explained how search engine works, How to follow search engine optiomization technique and How to make your webpages polpular.


Last year my friend has deployed his own website on internet and tries to search on Google/yahoo and other search engines but they are unable to enlist the website in it, even Google failed to show the name of his website in auto complete/suggestion textbox too. Everyone wants to see their website name on first search page of Google/yahoo/other search engines when they search. But it needs some technique that should be apply and used for each webpage that we have deployed on internet.

This technique is known as Search Engine Optimization. (in simple words, Help search engine to search the things quickly by applying some simple rules on your webpages)


Search engines are the heart of the internet. we know there are zillions websites available on internet and still increasing day by day, In such a case search engine plays a very important role to search any content/pages on this ocean. SEO optimization is not a single cup of tea, it needs a optimization of WebPages and follow different rules while generating them. In my previous article i have explain some of the SEO tips, you may check this article on this link By following SEO tips it will improve sites' interaction of both users and search engines. This article does not give a magic pill that can show your website always on top page of search engine, but this article tell you about the best practices that outlined below and will make it easier for search engines to crawl, index and understand your content.

Start with Optimization tips

Every year search make changes in their way of working and try to optimize the search patterns, your site needs to update as well to persist in this race. Contents are the most important of your webpage, the contents are the things that collects new users/visitors for you, that make your site/webpage popular, while following SEO tips modifying content with good keywords is most essential

PageTitle- The start of search engine life

The most important part of search engine is PageTitle. Search engine begin the search from here only. Your application/website should have good accurate page title. By using title user and search engine should know "what the topic of a particular page is" Many times i have seen there is no page title for many WebPages. Avoid doing that, add Page title to each pages, the Page title should be present under 'HEAD' section of page. When user search any 'term' in Google then if the searched 'term' is exist in title then it will displayed as BOLD in Google search result. Most of the time the Google suggestion list is picked from Page title itself. see below snap


Points to Note

  • Search engine optimization affects only organic search results, not paid or "sponsored" results such as Google Ad Words. Now the question is, what is Paid/sponsored ad words and what is organic search The search result highlighted with some light color and appear at the top the search page is called as 'Paid/sponsored ad words', and the rest of search result is come under 'Organic Search' result Below snap will clear your idea


How search engine works

When search engine find the pages in whole web ocean, Search engine works with the help of the page elements itself, it consider following things while searching.

  • Proper Title of the page which helps people to know more about your article without opening it, we have seen if your title is proper and useful then search engine like Google show them in BOLD in top of the page
  • Keywords that are used in page. The keywords are the words that are put by the user in search engine criteria for searching, so our website should contain proper and popular keywords. Frequency and location of keywords is most important in Web page. do not try to include 'FAKE' keywords in your website that are not related to your web content otherwise your website may be BLACK listed by search engine. If the keyword only appears once within the body of a page, it will receive a low score for that keyword. You should use your main keyword for each page in the file name, preferably at the beginning of the first sentence.
  • Links used in page are played important role in searching. Search engine uses 'crawing and indexing' like algorithms for link search, it follows the link and check for the rating of linked page. Broken link, spam link may decrease your website ratings, Google like search engine looks at how many Web pages link to a particular site to determine its relevance
  • Uniqueness of the content is also a noticed by search engine and proper use of Meta tags is also important.
  • One of the noticeable aspect is "How long the Web page has existed on web?", The age of the page is also considered while searching. People create new Web pages every day, and not all of them stick around for long, Google link search engines places more value on pages with an established history. below snap show you how Google locate a title in possible list

Search Engine

Google like search engine take use of automated robots for searching like "crawlers" or "spiders", with the help of them it can reach to many billions of interconnected documents. Currently, the major engines typically interpret importance as popularity. The more popular a site, page or document, the more your rating is. Here in this case search engines have continued to increase users´┐Ż satisfaction by using metrics that interpret popularity.

Make our pages popular

  • While designing content of the page you should keep a thing in mind that, pages should primarily designed for users, not for search engines.
  • Don't be dishonest with your users or present them different content that are used for search optimization, this is commonly referred to as cloaking.
  • While you make website you should make a clear hierarchy of text and links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.
  • Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.
  • Make sure that your "TITLE" elements and "ALT" attributes are descriptive and accurate.
  • Give rel='nofollows' attributes to every link that you used in your websites, it will stop the search engines to follow the link, it will improve performance.
  • First you need to understand the Use of keywords, it is the pathfinder for websites, You should create descriptive, human friendly URLs.
  • Bing like search engines recommend the following things to get better rankings in their search engine:
  • You should develop a clean and keyword rich URL structure is in place
  • Make sure that your content is not buried inside rich media like (Adobe Flash Player, JavaScript, Ajax) and you should need to take are that rich media doesn't hide links from crawlers.
  • Create keyword-rich content based on research to match what users are searching for.
  • Always update your website to produce fresh content regularly.
  • Don't put the text that you want indexed inside images. For example, if you want your company name or address to be indexed, make sure it is not displayed inside a company logo.

Search Engine

Finally, internet is a big ocean and search engines always try to search for golden fishes in it, lets help it to make a better outcome.



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