What you know can inspire others

Tech.io is a collaborative platform to discover, share and experiment technologies directly from your browser. Craft hands-on tutorials, demos or articles on topics that matter to you.

Technology knowledge should be shared

Our mission is to provide free technology learning content crafted collaboratively. You don’t have to be an expert or a teacher to create interesting content for others.
Just start by sharing what you love!

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The developer network that helps everyone grow

We stand out from MOOCs and learning platforms by allowing you to experiment technology through peers’ standpoint.

A community of peers

People best placed to offer a new perspective on technologies are peers like you. Share your knowledge by easily creating practical tutorials, and showcase them to anyone interested.
Hands-on learning

Keep up with what’s new in tech with bite-sized interactive content combined with hands-on testing. Play with any technology, without any installation.
On any technology

Our container-based architecture allows you to use existing or ad-hoc Docker images to craft content on any technology, language, framework or API you like.
Always free

Anyone can create content on topics that matters to them. And of course, anyone can learn new programming knowledge. For free.

It only takes 3 steps to contribute

Create hands-on content that looks great and share it with whoever you like.

Create a playground on any technology you like
Our container-based system supports any environment. Use Git, Docker, and Markdown syntax to easily craft your content.
Deploy it on Tech.io
It only takes a few minutes to deploy an interactive content including quizzes, exercices, or videos.
Share it with your audience
Share your playground with your favorite audience or showcase it to our community. People can try it in their browser without any installation.
Create a playground

See the magic

Check out this demo playground

Demo playground

Speakers, advocates, teachers and developers

Use Tech.io to share on technologies they support and empower others to master them.


Craft content on tech topics you love and share your passion.
Tech speakers

Create hands-on sessions to engage your audience during live talks.

Disrupt your teaching experience with online hands-on tutorials.

Let developers discover your APIs, SDKs or frameworks directly from their browser.