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Everybody knows one of “those developers” who always talk about the latest trendy technology and seem to know everything about it. The truth is that they probably haven’t tinkered much with it.

And who can blame them? Keeping up to date with new technologies has become a nightmare! There are so many new frameworks, libraries, and APIs that anyone might get dizzy just thinking about it.

Following the latest news through Hacker News, Reddit, and your peers is helpful, but it takes a while for word-of-mouth to spread and you might miss cool updates.

And that’s why we built!


We’re still looking for a name for our mascot!

What Is is a free knowledge-sharing platform where anyone can share their perspectives on any technology.

Feels like déjà vu? Here’s what makes unique.

    • Interactive: An author can easily include a coding exercise that you run directly from the browser without setting up any environment on your machine. You can interact and play with any technology right from the articles you are reading! If your codebase is a web app, you will be able to interact with the application and see exactly what it renders and how it behaves.
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  • Community-empowered: All content is hosted on Github repositories. What does that mean? Well, readers can make pull requests on the author’s content in order to suggest improvements. We believe that the community can improve the quality of all content for the greater good. Also, we believe in giving credit to the original author as well as with the reviewers. Finally, the community will help the most interesting content surface for the rest of the community to enjoy through course ratings.
  • Customized (coming soon): Readers will be able to follow technologies they are interested in and have a personalized feed about these technologies and any other topics that are of interest to them. No need to follow many sources on many different platforms anymore. covers almost every technology: machine learning, AI, front-end, devops, backend,  APIs, security, storage & databases…  We’re not quite ready to display mobile emulators in the browser, but we’re working on it!

Our ambition is to solve the lifelong learning predicament for a wide array of topics that interest you.

What Kind of Content Can I Create on

You can create a one-page article that readers take a few minutes to read, or full scale tutorials with many lessons across several pages. is very flexible and optimizes the reader’s experience depending on the length of the content you create.

We believe developers prefer short and digestible content that they can read on the way to work or at their lunch break. The fact that you can test the technology while you’re reading about it helps you understand it better and make it more memorable to you, thanks to our hands-on approach. And that’s what is so often missing nowadays. We read so many things, but actually don’t remember most of them.

We’re solving this by giving you the ability to change the code and run the technology you are reading about all in the same place — your browser.

Developers, Contribute to the Greater Good!

Peer learning is the most effective way to learn as a developer. There will always be a fellow developer willing to help shed some light on a particular technology you haven’t been able to conquer yet. That’s why we believe that, whoever you are, and whatever your skill level is, your knowledge about a certain technology can be valuable to another peer.

Whatever your skill level is, your knowledge about a technology can be valuable to another peer

It can help others discover and experiment with things from a different perspective — yours.

Peer recognition is a great feeling. As developers, we all have done great work when working within teams. It feels great to build something collaboratively. Especially if it can help other developers or students improve their career or school performance.

Dev Advocates, this Is the Platform to Help Technologies Emerge!

Evangelizing on a new technology is not an easy task. Most of the time, developers will have to install a specific environment on their machine before being able to test the technology and arrive at the “aha” moment (which significantly drops adoption rate). solves this issue. You can describe what the technology does and let developers play with it right away.

The discussion part will allow dev advocates to interact with their readers. To this end, we are also working on a metrics dashboard which would help them understand how their readers interact with their technology.

Teachers, Welcome to EdTech 2.0!

What if teachers could put all their courses with coding exercises for their students on the web? Students would be able to run their code, see logs to understand any mistakes they might make, and view the result of their code (console, web interface, etc.) if they successfully completed the exercise. On the other hand, teachers would be able to follow their progress. Right now, this is not possible; but this is on our roadmap. We hope that teachers will make their content available to the community so that students globally can benefit from it.

Who Are We?

Our team is mainly composed of developers. Since 2014, we’ve been helping developers hone their coding skills through games on CodinGame. For us, programming is more than just a job. It’s a craft and a powerful creation tool. This is what makes us love what we do everyday. As we have been working on CodinGame together, we have had to continually keep up to date with the latest technologies; over time, we have realized how difficult that truly was. That’s why has a special meaning to us, and we hope that it will have the same meaning to you too.

We strongly believe that education should be free, and the best learning material should be accessible to all. We don’t know if our children will go to college, or if they will actually need to. That’s our goal here, too — solving the programming lifelong learning mess but also code learning in general. All the current learning platforms make people learn code through videos; we think the hands-on way with fun coding exercises is actually a lot more efficient.

Get Started!

Eventually, is going to become what you want it to be!

Our team is a family who believes in the greater good and the power of people. Join us in our mission to connect and empower developers to reach their full potential. Anyone can contribute by creating content, reviewing peer written content, or just by hanging out with us in our Slack community. That’s enough talk, let’s write something!

Tell us what you think about our mission in the comments below.  We’d love to hear your feedback!